GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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GPS Symbols (File=>Export=>>Garmin Mapsource/BaseCamp)

This area of the dialog box displays the symbols that will be used to depict the waypoints in MapSource.

You can choose from 140 different icons.  The defaults are:

Found  Airport
Not Found Amusement Park
Placed  Ball Park
Archived Bank

Use the Use same icons as GPS send check box to have GSAK use the same icons that you have configured on the Send Waypoints to GPS dialog box.  When you check this option, the symbols display and the Change button become unavailable (gray).

Click the Change button to display the Change Waypoint Icons/Symbols dialog box.  This allows you to choose icons that are different from the default, and also to choose combinations of icons that indicate the status or type of waypoint, or both. See the Change Waypoint Icons/Symbols help topic for details.
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