GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Set Your Geocaching Name

Use this dialog box to tell GSAK how to correctly identify you for the automatic calculation of placed and found caches.

The most reliable "Method for matching placed (hidden) and found caches" (also available via GSAK Tools>Options>General) is to use your Owner ID#. Don't know your Owner ID#? This number is the same as your "Member ID" that shows on your profile here (Note: you will need to log into your account to see your "Member ID")

The easiest way to grab and update your ID is to take the option " access=>Update user information":

Choose the Geocaching name radio button to specify your name exactly: only those caches by this name will be identified.

Choose Use Login ID to use the Owner ID to identify you.

You can change this selection at any time by choosing Tools Options, and changing the Method for matching placed (hidden) caches fields.

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