GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)

GSAK spell checking dictionaries

Download, then install dictionaries to add them to the GSAK spell checker.

The GSAK spell checker ships with the American English dictionary, and this is your active dictionary. You can set any dictionary as active, and you can have more than one dictionary active at any one time. See "Tools=>Spellcheck Setup" when you start GSAK.

File Size Description
GSAK_American.exe 507kb English (American) dictionary
GSAK_Aussie.exe 512kb English (Australian) dictionary
GSAK_British.exe 508kb English (UK) dictionary
GSAK_Catalan.exe 714kb Catalan dictionary
GSAK_Czech.exe 629kb Czech Republic dictionary
GSAK_Danish.exe 767kb Danish dictionary
GSAK_Dutch.exe 823kb Dutch (Netherlands) dictionary
GSAK_Finnish.exe 321kb Finnish dictionary
GSAK_French.exe 494kb French dictionary
GSAK_German.exe 690kb German dictionary
GSAK_Italian.exe 590kb Italian dictionary
GSAK_Norwegian.exe 321kb Norwegian dictionary
GSAK_Polish.exe 1.1mb Polish dictionary
GSAK_Russian.exe 609kb Russian dictionary
GSAK_Spanish.exe 598kb Spanish dictionary
GSAK_Swedish.exe 429kb Swedish dictionary
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