GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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FileOpen (command)

FILEOPEN <File="file name"> [<wait=yes|no>]

The FILEOPEN command is similar to the RUNPGM command. The difference being that GSAK will open the given file with what ever is associated with that file extension. For example the file "test.txt" will open in your default text editor. "test.htm" will open in your default browser, etc.
File = The fully qualified path to the file to open
Wait = Yes will stop the macro and wait for the application that opened the file to terminate. No (the default) will open the file then move on to the next command in the macro. This parameter is optional.

Note: Prior to version 6.5 this command was OPENFILE. OPENFILE is still valid for backwards compatibility, but the name was changed to make it consistent with the other file commands

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