GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Grab (command)

GRAB <Settings=Name> [<ShowStats=No|Yes>]

This command allows you to grab waypoints using the macro language. If you want to do this using the GUI, then use the Tools=>Grab coordinates instead

Settings = Name of the corresponding settings you would like to use for this grab. You must have previously created these settings from  the grab dialog. If you do not provide a settings parameter, then the current values for the corresponding load dialog will be used.

ShowStats - Optional, default = No. The macro language has been designed to "automate GSAK". One of default behaviors of this automation is to suppress all GUI type notification messages. This ensures that when you run a macro it "automates" and you are not constantly having your macro stopped by informational messages. However, some messages you may like to still see - like the "statistics box" after load GPX files downloaded with GetMail. This option allows you to view the grab totals.

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