GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Last Four Logs

The Main GSAK Screen includes a column labeled "lg".  This column indicates the status of the last four logs for this cache.  Notes are ignored (except for the special "needs archiving note").

The last 4 logs are arranged in this order:

1 2
3 4

Where 1 = the most recent log, 2 = next, and so on.

Green = Found or owner maintenance
Red = Not Found
Grey = No log yet
Yellow = Needs archiving or Needs maintenance

So, for example, indicates that the cache has only been visited three times.  The last visit was a find, the second-last visit was a "did not find", and the visit prior to that was a find.  The gray square indicates that there is no fourth log for this cache.

Owner maintenance log shows up as green because it indicates that the cache has been maintained (and found) by the owner and is a good indication that the cache is still there.

Note: You can configure the colors used for the last 4 logs by double mouse clicking in that column:

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