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MacroFlag (command)

MACROFLAG <type=set|clear|swap> <range=all|filter|nn>

The UserFlag will often get over used. Macro users often find they want to update the user flag for a new condition but not disturb the setting for the old condition. The macro flag addresses this problem (database variable $d_MacroFlag). The syntax for the MACROFLAG command is exactly the same as for USERFLAG but obviously all the options work on the MacroFlag instead. This will enable you to set/clear/filter/Test on the MacroFlag when you don't want to disturb the settings of the UserFlag. The new MacroFlag is only available in a macro ( you do not have access to it in the GSAK GUI).

Type = The type of userflag manipulation to perform
set - set all user flags as specified in the range parameter
clear - clear all user flags as specified in the range parameter
swap - reverse the setting of the userflags specified in the range parameter (if set, then unset and vice versa)

Range = The range of records to manipulate:
All - includes all waypoints in the database, regardless what your current filter is.
Filter - includes only the waypoints in your current filter
nn -  the number of waypoints (starting from the current one) to set, clear, or swap. Negative numbers are also supported

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