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AbsReturns an absolute value of a number
AddNew          Add a new record to a table
AddStrOptimized/fast string concatenation
AlltrimRemove spaces before and after a string
Appendfile   Append data to an existing file
ArcCos          Calculates the inverse cosine of a given number
ArcCosh         Calculates the inverse hyperbolic cosine of a given number
ArcSin          Calculates the inverse sine of a given number
ArcSinh         Calculates the inverse hyperbolic sine of a given number
ArcTan          Calculates the arctangent of a given number
ArcTan2         Calculates the arctangent angle and quadrant of a given number
ArcTanh         Calculates the inverse hyperbolic tangent of a given number
ArrayArray function for array support
Asc             Return the ascii value of a character
At              Get the position of string found in another string
AtStart        Get the position of a string found in another string, from a specified start position
Backup          Backup GSAK databases(s) and settings
BBcode          Convert BBcode to HTML
BeginCase        Begin a group of CASE statements
BeginSub        Begin a subroutine
BoolToStr        Convert Boolean value to a string
Break           Exit out of the current WHILE loop
BreakRepeat           Exit out of the current Repeat loop
CacheMate       Load CacheMate logs and finds from a CM2GPX generated file
CacheType           Return 1 letter, expanded, and lists of  cache type names
Cancel          Cancel the macro and return to the GSAK GUI
CancelFilter    Cancel the current filter
Case        CASE statements
Centre          Set the current centre point
ChildType           Return a list of child waypoint types
Choose          Select from a list of choices
Chr             Convert a decimal value to its ASCII equivalent
Clip            Copy information to the windows clipboard
CodeMatch      Optimized database code matching
Cos             Calculates the cosine of an angle
Cosh            Calculates the hyperbolic cosine of an angle
Cotan            Calculates the cotangent of an angle
CustomConfig            Configure custom fields in the database
CustomFormat            Create custom HTML formats
CustomGet            Get the contents of any custom field
CustomPut            Update the contents of any custom field
CsvGet            Extract CSV data from a string
Database        Select, create, delete a database
DatabaseExists  Test to see if a GSAK database exists
DataRestore     Restore saved database fields
DataSave        Save database fields
DateDiff        Find the number of days between two dates
DateFormat      Convert a date to string using current system date settings
DateToSQL      Convert a date to SQL date format
DateToString    Reverse of the StringToDate function
DBToSQL    Database data to SQL conversion (Deprecated)
DBToSQLite      Convert GSAK database data to SQLite database format (Deprecated)
Debug           Debug a macro script
Declare          Declare a variable
DegToRad           Convert angles expressed in degrees to the corresponding value in radians
Delay           Delay the running of a macro by milli seconds
Delete          Delete waypoint(s) from the current database
Deprecated          Remove deprecated warning message
Dir      Directory/Folder listing
DriveExists             Test if a drive is exists and is ready for use
Dualscreen           Turn on/off the dual screen display
Editform        Edit a GSAK form
Elevation           Automatic conversion of elevation as per user's settings
Else            Execute statements for the false condition of an IF command
EndRead         See the FileRead command
EndSub          End a subroutine
EntityDecode        Decode XML entities to a single character
Equal            Test two strings to see if they are equal
Eval            Evaluate/convert a string with special tags
Exit            Exit GSAK (not just the macro but the whole program)
ExitSub         Exit a subroutine
Exp             Exp returns the value of e raised to the power of X
Export          Export any of the GSAK supported file types
Extract         Extract part of a string from another given a delimiter
FileCopy        Copy a file
FileErase       Erase file(s)
FileExists Test if file exists in fully qualified path
FileOpen  Open a file
FileRead        Read a text file line by line
Filter          Select a saved filter
FolderExists    Test if a folder/directory exists
Form        Show a GSAK form
FormatNumber        Format a number
Frac            Get the fractional part of a number
GarminApi           Get data from Garmin using API
GCalc           Calculations using longitude and latitude
GcApi           Groundspeak live API
GcApi2           Groundspeak live API version 2
GcBalance           Get api cache balance
GcFavPoints        Macro equivalent of access=>Favorite points
GcGetCaches          Macro equivalent of access=>Get caches
GcGetLogs          Macro equivalent of access=>Get logs
GcGetNewToken          Macro equivalent of access=>Get another access token
GcGetPQ          Macro equivalent of access=>Download pocket queries
GcPublishFetch          Macro command to fetch logs for publishing
GcRefresh          Macro equivalent of access=>Refresh cache data
GcStatusCheck          Macro equivalent of access=>Status check
GcSwapToken          Swap api accounts via a macro
GcUpdateUserInfo          Macro equivalent of access=>Update user information
GeoCalc         Calculations using longitude and latitude (Deprecated)
GeocacherCounts        Update geocacher find and hide counts
GetClipText           Get the current clipboard text
GetSil           Translation master access
GetCountry           Get the country name of a waypoint
GetCounty           Get the county name of a waypoint
GetEnvV         Get value of a system environment variable
GetFile         Read the contents of a disk file
GetMail         Allows you to download attachments from a POP3 mail account (Deprecated)
GetNear           Get a list of the nearest waypoints to a given coordinate
GetPolygon           Determine if a waypoint lies inside a polygon
GetSpecial      Get the value of any special tag(s) - Deprecated
GetState           Get the state name of a waypoint
GetUrl           Get the contents of a URL
GlobalReplace         Global replace of data fields
GoSub           Call a subroutine
GoTo            Position the current waypoint in the grid
GPSInfo           Get GPS information
GPSReceive           Receive waypoints from your GPSr
Grab            Grab coordinates adding waypoints to current database
GrabImages          Grab images from online links in cache description
GsCodeToNum           Get the ID number of a GCXXXXX code
HttpEncode             HttpEncode a string
HTML             HTML generation helper (Deprecated - use CustomFormat() instead
If              Run macro commands only if a certain condition exists
Include         Insert a code file into a macro
Input           Prompt user for data and assign to a variable
ImageInfo             Get information about an image file
Int             Get the integer portion of a number
InTransaction             See if Sqlite transaction is already running
IsEmpty         Test if a string is empty
IsOwner           Ownership of the current cache or log
Keep           Convert a string by keeping only required characters or data in a string
Left            Get the left most characters of a string
Len             Get the length of a string
List            Manipulate lists (Array like support)
Ln              Get the natural logarithm of a number (Ln(e) = 1)
Load            Load a GPX/loc/zip file into the database (or folder of these files)
Log             Get log base n of a number
Lower           Convert a string to all lower case
MacHeader           Retrieve the contents of the header parts of a macro
Macro           Run another macro
MacroDelete         Delete records from Caches, Waypoints, or Logs
MacroFlag       Set/Clear macro flags
MacroSet        Update dialog settings from within a macro
MakeGGZ        Create a Garmin format GGZ file from one or more GPX files
MakeTranslation        Create a translation master for use in macros that support multiple languages
MacSettings         Save/Restore macro settings
MFilter         "On the fly" macro filter
MimeDecode      Mime decode a string
MimeEncode      Mime encode a string
MoveCopy        Move or Copy waypoints from one database to another
MsgOK         Simple message box with single OK button
Mtp         MTP communication
NoError         Allow code to run under multiple versions of GSAK
Not         Negate a boolean expression
NumToGsCode           Get the GCXXXX code from an ID number
NumToStr        Convert a number value to a string value
Option          Request explicit declaration of variables or not
Pause           Pause the macro (with message)
PlayWav         Play a WAV sound file
Pop3           Access Pop3 mail accounts
PngToJpgl       Convert an image file to JPG format
PostUrl       Fetch a URL and submit "post" data
PreProcess            Interrogate the status of the Shift and Ctrl keys and macro start up (Deprecated)
PurgeLogs       Purge out required log records from a database
PurgeNote       Purge/delete out details from user notes
PutFile         Write a file to disk
Quote           Enclose a string in double quotes
Random         Generate a random number
RadToDeg           Convert angles measured in radians to degrees
RefreshCustomHtml          Refresh custom HTML formats list
RegEx           Use a regular expression to find a string in another string
RegExCount      Count the number of times a regular expression is found in a string
RegExData       Return the matching data of a regular expression
RegExEscape     Escape data so can search as plain text
RegExPos     Find the matching position of a regular expression in a string
RegExReplace    Replace matching regular expression with a string
RegExSub        Retrieve the matching sub expression
Remove           Convert a string by removing required characters or data
RemoveVar        Remove a macro variable from memory
Repeat           Repeat macro statements until a certain condition exists (looping)
Replace         Replace one string with another
Restore          Restore GSAK databases(s) and settings
RestoreFilter   Restore filters settings saved by SaveFilter
ReSync          Resynchronize database after direct Sqlite update
ReSyncLogs         Resynchronize your logs with the GSAK database
Return          Exit the current macro file only
RGBColor       Convert RGB color values to a number to use in SetColor command
Right          Get the right most characters of a string
Round           Round a number to N decimal places
ROT13        ROT13 encode/decode a string
RunPgm          Run any external program
SaveFilter      Save filter settings to restore later with RestoreFilter function
Seek            Quickly position or find a code
Set              Create or assign the value of an expression to a variable (Deprecated)
SetColor        Set colors for rows or columns
ShowForm        Show a GSAK form (Deprecated, see Form()
ShowStatus      Show the status of a macro command
ShowStop        Show a stop dialog when running a macro so you can cancel the macro at any time
Sin             Calculates the sine of the angle in radians
Sinh            Returns the hyperbolic sine of an angle
SlashAdd       Make a folder path end with a back slash
SmartName       Calculate a "smart name" for any string
Sort            Sort data by any column or columns (deprecated)
SpeedMode       Turns macro speed mode on or off
SplitScreen     Turn on/off split screen display
SQL              Quick and dirty SQL (Deprecated)
SQLGet             Optimized fetch of data from Sqlite tables
SQLGetClose       Manually close a table opened for reading by SqlGet()
SQLQuote             Prepare SQL strings with escaped quotes
SQLite             Portal to the feature rich SQLite SQL database engine
SQLiteCaches       Synchronize the "caches" table in the GSAK SQLite database (deprecated)
SQLNext       Read the next row for SqlGet()
SQLSort       Sort grid using SQL OrderBy
SQLToDate      Convert a SQL date string to a macro date
SqlToHtml       A quick and easy way to view SQL data
Sqr             Returns the square of a number
Sqrt            Returns the square root of a number
StopRead        Terminate FILEREAD
Str             Converts a number into a right justified string with decimals digits following the decimal point
StrToBool        Convert a string value to Boolean
StringToDate    Convert a string literal to a date type variable
SubStr          Get a sub string from a string
SysInfo         Retrieve system information
SysVarPath         Convert an absolute path to a GSAK system variable
Table           Select the active table (Caches, Logs, Waypoints)
Tan             Calculates the tangent
Tanh            Calculates the hyperbolic tangent
TextOut         Generate CSV and tab delimited text files
Time            Returns the system time as a string in the form HH:MM:SS
Timer           Macro stopwatch
TotChild        Get the total number of child waypoints
Transaction           Speed up Database variable updates)
Translate        Translate English strings to user's current language
Trim            Removes trailing spaces from a string expression
UpdateCheck        Macro version check
UpdateElevation        Update elevation
Upper           Convert a string to all uppercase
UserFlag        Set/Clear user flags
UserSort        Get or set user sort config values
UTF8        UTF8 encode/decode a string
UTF16        UTF16 encode/decode a string
Val             Convert a string to a number
ValidDate             Test if valid date
VarExists        Test for existence of a variable
VerCheck       Check GSAK version macro can run under
View            Select a GSAK grid view
Vsub            Toggle variable substitution on and off
Web             Run any URL and show in current browser
While           Run macro commands while a certain condition exists (looping)
XmlToSqlite           XML reader - by converting a XML file to a Sqlite table
YesNo         Quick display of a Yes/No dialog
ZipFile        Zip File zip/unzip support
<Data>          Static allocation of large text to a variable

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