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Deprecated (command)

Deprecated Warning=Y|N|Suspend|Resume

As from GSAK version 8.2 all deprecated commands and functions now pop up a warning message (for more information see this link). For those users that would just like to suppress this warning message you can update the macro by adding the line "Deprecated Warning=N". Note that this should only be used as a temporary measure, as eventually the deprecated commands and functions will be removed from the GSAK code and no longer work at all. 

However, there are times when a macro author needs to provide backwards compatibility (see this thread) and is forced to use these commands/functions. So even though the old commands/function are not used for installations that have the newer version of GSAK they will still get the warning message. To get around this the macro author should use the Suspend/Resume options. So any deprecated code that needs to be run to support older versions of GSAK should be wrapped in Suspend/Resume lines. So something like:

Deprecated Warning=Suspend
# Enter old deprecated code here to support older versions
Deprecated Warning=Resume

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