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GarminApi (function)

GarminApi(sResource,sParms,[nTimeout]) : string

This macro function allows you to retrieve data from the Garmin web site. Documentation for the API can be found here

Resource - Usually just the http:// address of the api section you are using

sParms - This has been reserved for later use. Currently you should just pass sParms as an empty string.

nTimeout - Optional. The number of seconds to wait before the request will time out. Default is 60 seconds.

Sample code to grab 10 caches and load into database "Test"

Note: You would need a saved settings called "garmin" for this macro code to work

Database name=Test
$data = GarminApi("","")
$status = Putfile("c:\temp\garmin.gpx",$data)
Load settings=garmin File=$File DATABASE=Test ShowStats=Yes
msgok msg=finished

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