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GcRefresh (command)

GcRefresh [Scope=<Current|Filter] [<LogsPerCache=5>] [<LoadSettings=* Use GSAK defaults *>] [Format=Full|Light] [<ShowSummary=Yes|No|Settings>]

This command emulates the GUI option " access=>Refresh cache data". Use to update your  caches with the most current information.

Scope - Optional. Current = update the current cache only. Filter - update all the caches in your current filter.
LogsPerCache - Only applicable when Format=Full . The number of logs to fetch for each cache updated (a maximum of 30 is allowed - use GcGetLogs if you need more)
LoadSettings - Optional. This should be the name of a saved setting that will be applied to this refresh.
Format - Optional. Can be Full or Light.  For more information see this topic
ShowSummary - This option allows control over the pop up summary of caches loaded.

   Yes - Force the summary to always display
   No - Always suppress the summary
   Settings - The display of the summary respects the corresponding load settings (the load dialog "Show summary" check box)

Note: When using MacroSet  the correct name for this setting is "Load" (as we are actually doing a GPX load to refresh the data)

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