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RegExData (function)

RegExData(sExpression, sData, nNumber) : String

Use this function to return the matched data instance of sExpression found in sData. Use with RegExCount to iterate through all the matches in a regular expression.

sExpression = The regular expression used for this search
sData = The data to search
nNumber = reference number of the matched regular expression. If zero, then this function will return all matches as one long string.

Sample 1

# pull out all numbers in a string
$data = "My 3 dogs have 432 fleas and 25 ticks"
$expression = "\d*"
$count = RegExCount($expression,$data)
$x = 0
While $count > $x
  $x = $x + 1
  $found = RegExData($expression,$data,$x)
  MsgOk Msg=$found

This code will show 3 messages. The messages will show 3, 432, and 25 respectively.

Sample 2

$data = "My 3 dogs have 432 fleas and 25 ticks"
$expression = "\d*"
$MatchAll = RegExData($expression,$data,0)
msgOk msg=$MatchAll

This code will show only one message:

Note: the regular expression engine has been set to ignore case .

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