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SetColor (command)

SetColor <Color=9999999|clear> [<Column=All|name>] [<Row=All|Current>]

Color = The numeric color number for the colour you want. Use "Macro=>Color Picker" to get the numbers for the colors you intend using. The special reserved word "clear" can be used when you want to clear out a color for that record. If you are more familiar with RGB colors, then you can use the macro function RGBColor(nRed,nGreen,nBlue) to convert RGB colors to an number you can use for this parameter.  
Column = All will set all columns (except the code column) to this color. If you only want a particular column to be set then enter the column name. The column names are exactly the same as used in the SORT command. 
Row = All will set all the records in your current filter. Current will set only the current record

This command will allow you to set the row or column colors under the control of a macro. Let us take a simple example, you want to set all caches with a difficulty of 1 = blue, 2=red, 3=yellow. The color picker will let you pick any color on your palette (see picture and notes below) but you must use the generated number. For clarity you may want to allocate these numbers to meaningful variable names first:

$blue = 16744448
$red = 255
$yellow = 8454143
Mfilter Where=Difficulty = 1
SetColor Color=$blue
Mfilter Where=Difficulty = 2
SetColor Color=$red
Mfilter Where=Difficulty = 3
SetColor Color=$yellow

Note: The coloring of rows/columns is static. What do I mean by this? Currently the coloring of found, placed, etc is dynamic. This means if you change a waypoint such that it meets a new criteria for coloring then it instantly changes color. SetColor does not work this way. For example, if you ran a macro to highlight all "Difficulty 1" rows, it would highlight all the current rows that have a difficulty of 1. If you now load a GPX file that has new caches with a difficulty of 1, they do not get the new color until you run the macro again. Conversely, if you manually set the difficulty from 1 to 2, the waypoint will still have the color set by the original running of the macro - until you ran the macro again. 

You can clear out the effects of coloring from using this command at any time by taking the menu option "Macro=>Clear macro set colors"

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