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SqlToHtml (function)

SqlToHtml(sSqlData, sHeading, sOptions) : string

This function provides a quick and easy way to view sql data.

sSqlData - The resulting string of a GSAK SQL Query
sHeading - The heading for the HTML generated table
sOptions - Comma delimited options. Y= display result in browser (anything else just returns the HTML code)

The return result is the generated html code. You would normally include the Y option just to display the HTML so the result can usually be ignored, but is provided so you can save to a file or further manipulate.


# get the sql data to display
$result = sqlite("sql","Select ltype as LogType, count(ltype) as Total  from logs  GROUP by logtype ORDER by logtype","Headings=Yes")

# display the data
$html = sqltohtml($result,"Summary by log type","y")

This should open up a report in your browser that looks something like:

This generated report allows you to sort any column by clicking on the column heading

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