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UpdateCheck (command)

UpdateCheck [Frequency=nnn]

This command will automatically check the forum for the latest version of the macro and provide a prompt if there is a newer version (similar to the version check in the macro manager), otherwise the macro just continues to run as normal. If the option to update is selected, then the macro is updated to the latest version and the macro code is refreshed and run from the start.

Frequency - The number of times this macro runs before doing the update check. If the Frequency parameter is omitted then the check is run every time the macro is run. The update check will display a status window informing the user that it is checking for updates. 

Note: It is suggested you place this command as the very first line in your macro (for clarity of logic flow). However, in reality it doesn't matter where you place it as it will always be run as the very first thing when the macro starts. 
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