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GcGetPq (command)

GcGetPQ <Settings=Settings name> [<PqNames=names>] [<UseRegEx=Y|N>]  [<ShowSummary=Yes|No|Settings>]

This command emulates the GUI option " access=>Download pocket queries"

<settings name> - This should be the name of a saved setting that will be applied to this command.  PQs will automatically be download (and potentially) loaded into GSAK as per this named setting. The PQs selected for download will depend on your advanced options, so you must set some criteria in these settings if you want this to apply (*unless* you use the PqNames option)

PqNames - Optional. This option will override your settings *only* with regard to the PQs that will be downloaded. Use this option when you know specifically what PQs you want to download, regardless of the advanced options used in settings. This parameter should be a CSV list of PQ names to download 

UseRegEx - Optional. Only applies when you have used the PqNames= parameter. Y = the PQ names parameter will be a regular expression that is used to match the PQ names. PqNames must be just one regular expression (you can't have a csv list of them.) N= Pqnames are matched exactly as is (case sensitive). You must enter your csv names so that the description of the PQ matches exactly (you can copy and paste after viewing the dialog " access=>Download pocket queries". For example, to download all PQs with the name *starting* with New the command would be (requires a saved setting called "New":

GcGetPq Settings=New PqNames=^New UseRegEx=Y

ShowSummary - Applicable only if <Settinngs> causes the PQ to be loaded into the database. This option allows control over the pop up summary of caches loaded.

   Yes - Force the summary to always display
   No - Always suppress the summary
   Settings - The display of the summary respects the corresponding load settings (the load dialog "Show summary" check box)

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