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GcGetCaches (command)

GcGetCaches Settings=<settings name> [<Load=Y|N>] [<ShowSummary=Yes|No|Settings>] [GcCodes=Gcxxxx,Gcxxx,....]

This command emulates the GUI option " access=>Get Geocaches"

Use to grab geocaches using the Groundspeak api (and then optionally load into GSAK). 

<settings name> - This should be the name of a saved setting that will be applied to this command. 

Load - Optional and for advanced users only - the default is Y. If N, then GcGetCaches will generate the GPX file(s) to load, but not actually load them. This means that you don't have to suffer the overhead of loading the corresponding GPX file if you just want to perform some action on the raw generated GPX file(s). The generated GPX files can be found in the folder $_AppData\temp. To get a full list of the generated files, use code something like:

$GpxFiles = Dir("$_AppData\temp\GetGeocaches*.*","F")

ShowSummary - Applicable only if Load=Y. This option allows control over the pop up summary of caches loaded.

   Yes - Force the summary to always display
   No - Always suppress the summary
   Settings - The display of the summary respects the corresponding load settings (the load dialog "Show summary" check box)
GcCodes - Optional, but if used this parameter should contain a comma delimited list of GC codes to be fetched. If used then this parameter will override any selection criteria you may have in the corresponding Settings= parameter. For example, you settings may be for a rectangle but by include GcCodes= these settings are ignored and only the GcXXXX codes entered will be fetched. 

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