GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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<Data> (command)

<DATA> VarName=<$Variable>

This command enables you to easily enter large amounts of text in a macro. Its main purpose is to be used in conjunction with the MacroSet command, but you could also use in commands like MSG for standard messages. You can use the <data> command anywhere in the macro, but the actual allocation to the variable is only done at startup as its usage is really for large static amounts of text, so it is probably best if you always put these statements at the end of the macro. This will keep the macro code at the beginning and make for easier reading of the actual code.

. Macro commands 
Pause Msg=$message
.. More commands

<data> VarName=$Message
Check the GPSr is switched on
Also make sure you are in the
Correct database and have selected
All the correct settings

Note: You can't use variables or expressions inside the <data> statements. However, you can virtually do the same thing by dynamically building your <data> variable. See here and here for examples. 

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