GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Change Log

The change log enables you to see exactly what is being changed when you load a GPX file. The change log shows the before and after image of each column in the waypoint that is updated.

You can view the change log by clicking on the link in the load summary, or at any time by selecting the option File=>Display last change log

Also there is special significance if any PQ you load has exactly 500 or 1000 caches in it. For more information please see the  load summary

You can alter the look and feel of the change log with your own CSS. GSAK will look for the file logcss.txt in the install folder of GSAK. If it finds it, it will use that CSS. The default Style used by GSAK is:

<style type="text/css">
.TableHeader{background-color:#CCCCFF;text-align: centre}
.odd{background-color: #FEF4D8;vertical-align:top}
.even{background-color: #FFFFFF;vertical-align:top}
.gpxlimit{background-color: #FF0000}

Just copy this to your logcss.txt file and change as required.

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