GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Load Summary

The Load summary dialog gives you more information about your GPX load. It also has a link to the change log so you can see the before and after images of each waypoint updated. In addition it also lists the number of waypoints in each file loaded. Any file that has exactly 500 waypoints will be highlighted in red. Any file that has exactly 1000 caches will be highlighted in orange (Both only apply for "GC" caches). This is significant because it can alert you to the fact that your PQ has reached the maximum size currently allowed by Groundspeak (500 for PQs sent by email, 1000 for PQs that you must download). This will often mean that your selection criteria for this PQ matches more than 500/1000 caches and your are now missing out on some. It is advised you follow this up and perhaps split this query into two, making sure each returns less caches. 

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