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A text label to show on the from, usually as a "Heading" for another control.  

Supported properties

Caption - This is the text description that this label will show. The caption also supports a limited subset of HTML . For more information see this link

Color - This is a number (Use "Macro=>Color picker" to select the corresponding color number (though the forms designer will automatically do this for you).

Container - The control that the label control "belongs" to. Every control has a container, and each control defaults to having the form as its container. Only a named Groupbox can be specified for the Container property (or blank to default to the form). When using the properties Top and Left, they are always relative to the control's container. Groupbox containers can be used to group like controls together. Note: You must always define the container before any controls that use this container. 

Enabled - Yes, No. This property is deprecated and supported for backwards compatibility only. This property effectively does nothing. 

Font - Allows you to specify the font name to use for the label caption .

Height - Vertical height in pixels

Left - Position from the Left, which is the number of pixels relative to the container

Name - The label control name

Size -  Allows you to specify the point size of the label caption. Note: Not all, but many fonts only support the smallest size of 8 regardless of the value you enter. 

Style -  Allows you to specify the caption style. Supported styles are bold, italic, underline, strikeout. You can allocate any combination of these values to the style. Just separate each value with a ; (semi colon)

Top - Position from the top, which is the number of pixels relative to the container

Type - The control type, which must always be "Label"

Visible - Yes, No. If set to "No" then the button will not be visible on the form

Width - Horizontal length in pixels

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