GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Default Action on Double-Click (Tools=>Options=>General)

Use this drop-down menu to determine the action that GSAK takes when you double-click a waypoint in database view.  The choices are as follows:

Show Ozi Map: Displays the position of the waypoint on the OziExplorer map.  OziExplorer must be running for this to work.

Show offline in browser: Starts the default browser and displays the offline version of the cache page.  This does not require an live Internet connection.

Open waypoint URL: Opens the URL that is in the database for that waypoint (Waypoint=>Edit, to view or change). If no URL is found, GSAK will try to open the waypoint in MapQuest using the Latitude and longitude of the waypoint. 

Set as Centre Point: Sets the current waypoint as the centre point for distance and bearing calculations.

Change/edit Waypoint: Displays the waypoint details in the Edit Current Waypoint dialog box.

Custom URL: All the following options are your list of custom URLs. That is, you can select any custom URL to be the default action when you double click on a waypoint.
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