GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Status attributes (Tools=>Options=>General)

Colour:  Use these four drop-down menus to choose the colours that are used to highlight the Code column in the database view.  You can choose any of 40 colours for caches you have found (default colour is yellow), caches that you are yet to find (default colour is white), caches you have placed (default colour is lime), and caches that are archived (default colour is pink).

The colours you choose here are also used to highlight the cache counts in the Counts Status Panel.

Priority: The problem with the cache status (found, not found, placed, archived) is that only found and not found are mutually exclusive. For example, it is quite possible to have a cache that is not found, placed, and archived (or any permutation of these three). There are also times when you can log a find on a cache you have placed (event cache for example), so in theory you can have a found, placed, and archived cache (or any permutation of these three).

The default priority shipped with GSAK is:

Archived = 1
Placed = 2
Found = 3
Not found = 4

So if a cache belongs in multiple categories, it will get the colour of the status with the highest priority. That is why any archived cache, currently shows in the archived colour regardless of any other status it may have. 

Allowing you to customize this priority enables you to set up the colours the way that makes most sense to you.

Highlight: You can force GSAK to apply the above colours to the code column (no matter where this column is) or to always apply to column 1, regardless what this column is. 

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