GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Map options  (Tools=>Options=>HTML)

The default split screen format allows you to include an online map Google map (this will only display if you are online). 

Height in pixels - You can change the amount of vertical space (height) that the map will occupy in the split screen.

Icon Set - Currently you have 2 icons sets you can choose from (the graphics for the cache type). Experiment to see which is your preference. 

Include MyTopo maps - It would appear there are many users that don't use or need Mytopo maps. It  should also be noted that Mytopo maps are not available in all countries. Inclusion of MyTopo maps is optional and the default is off. 

Note: In 2011 Trimble  purchased MyTopo and restricted access to the maps through a secure API. This involves a different method of access and changes needed to be made to GSAK. I also had to agree to their new TOU in order to get the access to their maps. Part of this TOU agreement means we *must* show the logo and the "print it" and "get it" buttons. They are a bit in you face, but if we want to keep using these maps then we have to live with it.

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