GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Include additional child waypoints

This option allows you to choose to include the associated child waypoints with this export. Check this box to include child waypoints in this export, subject the other following options.

There is also the sub option "And ONLY include child waypoints (no parents)". Check this box if the only waypoints you want exported are the child waypoints associated with the parent waypoints in your filter, but not the parent waypoints themselves.

You can also select to send All child waypoints, only those that have been flagged, or only those that haven't been flagged.

Setting of the child flag can be done:

1. From the "User Flags" main menu
2. From the "Waypoints=>Child Waypoints" dialog
3. From a macro, by updating the $d_cFlag database variable. 
4. Using a child filter

When you check any of the option in this box, the total number of waypoints to be exported will be recalculated and shown in your export caption (the very top blue bar). 
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