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This control is the main form or canvas for all other controls. You display a form via the Form() function

Supported properties

Caption - This is the text description that will show in the caption bar of the form.

Color - The from background color. This is a number (Use "Macro=>Color picker" to select the corresponding color number (though the forms designer will automatically do this for you).

Delay - Number of seconds before the form will automatically close

ExitOnClick - Yes,No. Set to Yes will cause the form to exit if the user clicks anywhere on a vacant area on the form (not another control). The return value of the Form() function will then be the name of the form.

Error - You can use the "Error" property on the form to give the user an error box when the form is displayed. The error property accepts the name of a variable, and any data in this variable will cause the error box to trigger. (see the editform() example) .

Height - Vertical height in pixels

Left - Position from the Left, which is the number of pixels relative to the container

Name - The edit control name

TabOrder - The Taborder property applies to all controls than can receive input focus and regulates the order the controls will jump to when using tab on the keyboard. This means it doesn't matter what order the controls are defined in your code - the taborder property will decide your tabbing order. Taborder is a "smart" property. For example, if you set the value of a control to say 7, then any existing control that has a tab order of 7 will automatically be changed to 8, and all higher tab numbers will be incremented by one.
Also note that the tab order is relative to the container, so controls inside a group box have their own tabbing order starting at zero. The group box itself has a tabbing order within its container as well (usually the form) Don't be alarmed if you update your form and see taborder values starting at 8. The macro form has a few "hidden" controls that take up tab slots. You can actually use any number you like for the Taborder (even zero). You just need to remember that tabbing order is respected in an ascending numerical sequence

Top - Position from the top, which is the number of pixels relative to the container

Type - The control type, which must always be "Edit"

Visible - Yes, No. If set to "No" then the button will not be visible on the form

Width - Horizontal length in pixels

Note: If you omit both the Top and Left properties for the form, it will default to being displayed in the centre of your GSAK screen. All other controls default to 0,0 for Top and Left respectively.

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