GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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7.5.2  29th April, 2009 

New features/changes
  Changes to the SqliteCaches command (more information)
  Forms designer no longer removes chunks of blank lines from macro code (more information)
  Added option "DelormeDrive" to the GPSInfo() function (more information)
  "Waypoint=>Highlight" - add support for User data 3, User data 4, County (more information)
  Minor tweak to grab coordinates (more information)
  "Centre point=>Enter manually" - description now optional (more information)
  "Centre point=>Get from GPSr (garmin mode) - Oregon/Colorado now supported (more information)
  GSAK task bar menu changed so that "close" is the last menu option (consistent with other task bar menus)
  HTML Export - PDA friendly option now generates all links with forward slashes (more information)
  GpsInfo() function - trapped all errors so we don't get a "hard" crash in GSAK but rather a "soft" macro error.
  "Easter Egg" files are now saved/restored when using GSAK backups
  Changed delete filter warning message when no filter set (more information)
  Change progress caption for SQLiteCaches (more information)
  Better handling of child special tags for Colorado/Oregon send (more information)
  Added "Rollback" to the TRANSACTION command (more information)

  Fixed problems with abbreviated syntax for calling macros (more information)
  Fixed problem with corrected coordinates $d_kAfterState variable (more information)
  Fixed problem with GetPolygon() when using "B" option with User Data 3 or 4 (more information)
  Fixed "Database=>Properties" issue with smart names (more information)
  Fixed problem with using special tag %macro in combination with %children (more information)
  Fixed a problem with Option Explicit=Yes and <data> variables (more information)
  Fixed problem with updating database variable $d_lText multiple times for the one record (more information)
  Fixed problem with using the exact combination of these special tags "%user%dif1%ter1"
  Fixed Mapsource export error behaviour when using macro command (more information)
  Better error handling when using %macro= special tag but macro name has not been enclosed in double quotes.
  Removed duplicate garmin symbol "Garmin, Goatee" more information
  Fixed HTML case conversion problem with characters , (more information)
  Fixed crash on restore (when found/placed matching criteria is different from current)
  Fixed problem with saving path of external macro editor when it contained spaces
  Fixed a problem with creating child waypoints via grab (more information)
  Fixed a "hang" caused by a missing "xref.txt" file (more information)
  Fixed a problem with locations and empty databases (more information)
  Fixed a problem when using command MacroDelete twice in the same macro (more information)
  Fixed an "edge case" sorting problem with Latitude/Longitude (more information)
  Fixed grab of current center point (database properties) when decimal separator is a comma. (more information)
  Fixed problem with "Children Only" on GPX export (more information)
  Fixed problem with travel bugs and archived images not showing for nearest caches in HTML export when "PDA Friendly" option selected.
  Fixed problem with userdata and text file load (more information)
  Fixed problem with MacroDelete (more information)
  Fixed accelerator keys showing in macro status bar (more information)

7.5.1  14th February, 2009 

New features
  Included a new replacement "memory manager"  (more information)
  Added optimized string concatenation function AddStr() - (more information)
  GSAK version number now shown in macro error dialog and error log
  Added extra Garmin symbols to drop down boxes for MapSource and GPS=> Send (more information)
  Added configuration option of notes "LogCache" macro  (more information)
  Added GetState() update ability to GPX load dialog (more information)
  Added Varcheck=Y|N to the MacSettings command (more information
  Added special tags %user3 %user4 %county
  GetCounty() - add support for New Zealand,Czech Republic,Slovakia
  GetState() - added support for New Zealand,Austria,Czech Republic,Slovakia
  When double mouse click option is set to "open waypoint URL" the default is now to use Google maps rather than mapquest, when the waypoint URL is blank (more information)
  Added Nuvi 500 and 550 to the GPS Setup dialog

  Fixed problem with loading Waymarking GPX files when waypoint already exists in the database (more information)
  Fixed an upgrade crash when trying to update some old database formats (more information)
  Fixed a problem with "File=>Export=Html" where the PDA friendly option would only show the alternate text rather than the corresponding icons for "archived" and "travel bugs" 
  Fixed bug on logs filter tab where log date selection of "Not during" would actually behave just the same as "during"
  Fixed a crash when converting log text of some records to the new Sqlite database format (more information)
  Fixed a conversion problem to sqlite with unreadable memo fields in the Waypoints table (more information)
  Fixed a problem when trying to run "Macro=>Run/Manage" dialog (more information)
  Fixed form combobox problem with "\;" entries (more information)
  Fixed a problem with From/To when exporting HTML via a macro (more information)
  Fixed problem with CLIP command when used with an empty database (more information)
  Fixed a macro syntax check problem with function Replace() that could cause an endless loop (more information)
  Fixed "Out of memory" error when building long strings in macros (more information)
  Fixed a problem with "File=>Export=>Mapsource" when output folder/file name contains a diacritic character. 
  Fixed problem with com ports > 9 when using "GPS=>Receive waypoints" (more information)
  Fixed a problem with calling macro command and passing parameters (more information)
  Fixed a problem with command RUNPGM when using the WAIT= parameter (more information)
  Fixed edge case problem with waypoint projection (more information)
  Fixed a problem Sqlite attach/detach (more information

7.5.0  15th January, 2009 

General changes

  Database format changes
  GPS Transparency
  Added Garmin POI export
  "File=>Load" now supports file types other than GPX/LOC (more information)
  Added ability to filter (and set flags) of child waypoints via the Children tab on the filter dialog 
  Added ability for split screen to set to top, bottom, left, or right (more information)
  Added dual monitor support for split screen
  Added support for British OS grid coordinates
  Added "PDA friendly" option to File=>Export=>HTML (more information)
  "File=>Load" settings now allows you to save/restore both database and file name (more information)
  Bearing column sort is now clockwise (as per a compass) more information
  When manually adding a child waypoint the code "prefix" is automatically calculated from the waypoint type 
  When adding a child waypoint the initial coordinates are cloned from the parent cache
  Added option to keep all logs of caches you own when doing a log purge
  Macro buttons can now be configured to any width and height
  Macro buttons can now have their own "icon", instead of or in addition to the macro text
  "Database=>Properties" added section for database notes
  "File=>Load CacheMate logs and finds" now supports matching of waypoints using special tags
  "File=>Load CacheMate logs and finds" - added wild card support to the file name.
  "File=>Load CacheMate logs and finds" - added option to convert GMT to local time.
  Macro Manger now includes a version check and update. 
  You are now notified when that macro is on the Tools bar (macro configuration, via right mouse click on macro tool bar)
  Macro drop down box, now shows both the macro number and text name (macro configuration via right mouse click on tool bar)
  "File=>Export=>GPX" - Added support for GPX version 1.1 files
  GPX files with a BOM are now supported (more information)
  Added "County update" to the GPX load dialog
  Added new database fields County, User3, User4 (more information)
  "Tools=>Options" added easy access to the GSAK polygon/line drawing tool
   "Tools=>File Association" change to include .gsk files and URI support.
   Added special tag %c_comment
  "Userflags=>clear/set for next nn" now supports negative numbers
  Primary key to the logs file is now "Parent code + LogId" (more information)
  "Waypoint=>Highlight" $_CurrentDatabase now supported in mfilter expressions (more information)
  Stopped needless recalculation of center point when adding a location 
  Added separate cache type for "Waymark"
  Terracaching mental and physical values now converted to Difficulty and Terrain respectively (more information)
  Fixed problem of "disappearing icons" on the tool bar when restoring settings from one computer to another with different DPI settings 
  Fixed problem of GSAK "freezing" at splash screen when first run on some systems

Macro changes - General
  Added support for the new fields County,User3, and User4 (more information)
  Added full support for the corrected coordinates file in the macro language (more information)
  You can now pass parameters when calling a macro (more information)
  Form definitions are now "pre processed" to validate form properties (more information)
  Added macro/ forms design "protection" (more information)

Macro changes - Functions/commands

  Added GetUrl() function
  Added Url= to command Splitscreen
  Added command DualScreen
  Added Dir() function
  Added command MacSettings
  Added action "destroy" to the list() function
  Added command GPSReceive 
  Command MacroFlag now supports negative numbers for range=nn
  Command UserFlag now supports negative numbers for range=nn
  Added function RegExPos()
  Command PreProcess added Parameter "AltKey="
  Replace() function - The last parameter (ignore case) is now optional and defaults to true if left out.
  Added error trapping to sqlite()
  Modified CacheType() function to also convert full descriptions to one character, and get a full list of the 1 character abbreviations.
  Added ChildType() function
  Added Random() function
  Added a Yes/No dialog to the macro language via the function YesNo()
  SysInfo() function now supports "Internet"
  Added function SqlQuote()
  Added function DriveExists()
  Added command Transaction
  Added command SQLiteCaches
Macro changes - Forms

  Added macro/ forms design "protection" (more information)
  Added new "Browser" control
  Added "ExitOnChange" property to the form control CheckBox
  Added "ExitOnClick" property to the image control
  The checklistbox control now supports the properties font, size, and style
  The memo control now supports the property TextColor
  Added system variables $_ImageClickLeft and $_ImageClickTop

Macro changes - System variables

  Added system variable $_DbNotes
  Added system variable $_CurrentPath 
  Added system variable $_AltKey
  Added system variable $_ImageClickLeft
  Added system variable $_ImageClickTop
  Added system variable $_DbCount

7.2.4  December, 2008 

Fixed problem with smart name recalculation (more information)
Fixed trim problem with database variable $d_OwnerName (more information)
ShowStatus command parameter MSG= is now optional (more information)
Tab character now allowed for sqlite() action "import" (more information)
Fixed a problem with Global replace and number of logs (more information)
Fixed SortBy command for "source" and "changed" (more information)
Fixed problem of GSAK not automatically terminating when Windows shuts down (more information)
DbToSqlite() - Fixed mfilter problem with wild card matching for IsOwner() (more information)
GetState() - Fixed problem with "b" option (more information)
Fixed "Out of memory" error when grabbing images for a large number of caches (more information)
"File=Export=>Text" now distinguishes between archived and temp unavailable caches (more information)
HTML formats now include correct images for container types "not chosen" and "virtual" (plus a new image for "Unknown")

Includes latest public release of GPSBabel 1.3.6 (more information)
Added property "Transparent" to the forms image control (more information)
Added macro function GPSInfo()

7.2.3  7th September, 2008 

Version 7.2.3 is mainly a maintenance release, but it does include some important new features

New Features

   Added GetCounty() function
   Added GetCountry() function
   Added GetPolygon() function
   Added GetState() function
   Added EntityDecode() function
   Added macro command NoError
   Added SQLite SQL database engine
   Corrected coordinates dialog now shows distance from original point to 3 decimal places
   Nag screen now has a reminder for help with lost serial numbers
   Added refresh button to default split screen display
   Added extra tolerance when updating gsak.ini file (more information)
   Removed superfluous message when deleting a filter of waypoints (more information)


   Fixed problem with post code search using diacritic characters (more information)
   Recalc of distance when location is changed and it is your current center point (more information)
   Owner ID is not cleared if string in Database=>Repair/defrag (more information)
   "Has User note" flag now correctly synchronized on "Database=>Repair/defrag" (more information)
   Full text search highlighting now removed after cancel filter (more information)
   Full text search highlighting now restricted to corresponding search item (more information)
   Fixed a problem with mfilter and comparing $d_CacheId = ""
   File=>print - Wherigo icon now shows correctly in the column print (more information)
   SmartName() function and %ShortName special tag now also respect your smart name "conversions" and "keep chars" as configured via Tools=>Options=>General
   Fixed Lock= parameter on LOAD command to allow for a variable of field names rather than only supporting a literal string of field names
   "File=>Export=>GPX" - "Ignore Problem characters" now also applied to the "ID=" when generating LOC files.
   "Waypoint=>Highlight" - *HasChildWaypoint can now be used with and/or rather than only by itself.
   Option EXPLICIT now only applies at the time this command is run (more information)
   Fixed VarExists() function to work as per the help file (more information)
   Fixed an obscure problem that would cause repair/defrag to "freeze"
   Added better error checking to macro command ShowStatus (more information)
   Fixed a problem with the macro Round() function (more information)

7.2.2  5th June, 2008 

Reduced memory overhead, especially when using Google satellite maps in split screen
Fixed parenthesis problem when using the Mfilter command (more information)
Fixed MapSource settings problem where "Onlyflagged" option not being restored correctly (more information)
Fixed log purge by ID (more information)
TomTom export - maximum length setting is now respected (more information)
Fix custom export error message when using a database that has zero records (more information)
Fixed URL generated for Nearby caches in post code search when decimal separator is a comma (more information)
Fixed GPX export setting "Force use of Geocaching symbols only" not being saved/restored in settings (more information)
Fixed bug with Mfilter when your decimal separator is a comma (more information)
Fixed "GetProcAddress for MAPI DLL functions failed" error (more information)
Removed 100 character name limit on GPX export (more information)
Fixed grid "lock up" when using macro command ResyncLogs while speed mode is off (more information)
On macro install, MacFileName= Keyword is now checked to make sure it is a valid Windows file name
Removed F9 "Mouse wheel" test code (more information)
Speed tweaks to log interrogation routines (more information)
Added macro boolean system variable $_SplitScreen (more information)
Fixed a problem when using "Maximum waypoints to send" (more information)
$d_CacheType now accepts "I" -Wherigo cache type (more information)
Fixed bug when using %c_lon=x special tag (more information)
CDATA now supported in child waypoints (more information)
Program gsakactive.exe is now shipped with the install of GSAK (more information)
Includes GPSBabel 1.3.5 final release

7.2.1  28th March, 2008 

New features
  Added support for the new "Wherigo" cache type
  Added macro function UTF16(sData,sType) : String (more information)
  Added CodeMatch() macro function (more information)
  Added notification image in HTML when no grabbed image available (more information)
  Better looking cache type icons used in grid  (more information)
  Added option to run split screen browser in "silent" mode (Tools=>Options=>Advanced) (more information)
  Added option to Google maps to use back up server (Tools=>Options=>HTML) (more information)
  BBcode tweaks to support more combinations of BBcode
  GSAK will now also flag a cache as found if the GPX <type> element contains "Found" 
  When adding a child waypoint, the type is now "sticky" 
  User notes tweaks (more information)
  "Database=>Rename" duplication check tweak to allow case sensitive rename (more information)
  Forms designer - Memo control "ReadOnly" property is now consistent with other controls and is a drop down box
   "Waypoint=>Add" - OwnerId now defaults to "0", but this default is "sticky" if you change it (more information)
  Added [<Hide=Yes|No>] to the RunPgm command (more information)

  Fixed delete count of flagged waypoints when a filter is set (more information)
  Fixed calendar start day issue with child waypoints (more information)
  Fixed obscure extract() function bug (more information)
  Fixed problem when using blank RegEx in filter dialog (more information)
  Fixed a forms designer problem when one control name is a subset and begins with the name of another
  Fixed "copy images issue" with "File=>Export=>HTML" (more information)
  Fixed a problem with array() function on second macro use (more information)
  Fixed polygon filter error in macro locking up GSAK (more information)
  Fixed problem with FTF in change log (more information)
  Fixed problem with use of array(1,-1) (more information)
  Fixed problem of grid becoming "locked" after certain actions using a custom split screen format macro
  When doing a screenshot (Ctrl-Shift-F10) GSAK is now forced to be the front window.
  Running multiple instances of the macro editor now correctly updates the MRU list (more information)
  Fixed crash when using split screen that contains a wav file and you have Quicktime installed (more information)
  Fixed obscure crash when deleting a macro from the macro manager (more information)
  Fixed a problem with the "Full display" split screen when not connected to the Internet (more information)
  Fixed a bug with using the tab character and macro command INCLUDE (more information)
  Fixed a crash when using the macro Replace() function with very large strings (more information)
  Fixed "invalid Mfilter" message when doing "File=>Restore" (more information)
  "File=>Export=>GPX" now outputs at least one space for long and short description. (more information)
  Added <!-- saved from url=(0014)about:internet --> to html() function (more information)
  "File=>Export=>GPX" fixed problem of the setting "also apply to cache name" not being "sticky"
  Fixed a problem where hitting the escape key in another application would terminate the currently running macro in GSAK
  Fixed problem where GSAK allowed adding of duplicate child waypoint codes (more information)
  "File=>Export=>Ozi", fixed crash caused by having blank (missing) "Placed dates"
  "File=>Export=>HTML" Fixed an obscure problem when using grabbed images with a particular signature would cause a blank HTML page to be generated
  Fixed "Load summary" to correctly display on systems with large fonts and/or > 96 DPI (more information
  Fixed obscure display problem caused by incorrect settings (more information)
  Fixed a problem if your screenshot upload file was empty or pointed to an invalid file (more information)
  Coordinate box color is now "fixed" and not tied to any system setting(more information)
  Fixed problem when docking the tool bar from left, bottom, or right, to the top (more information)
  Fixed HTML export problem with converted image extensions for some files (more information)
  Fixed duplicate image file copies when using custom formats in HTML export (more information)
  Fixed macro install crash if install dialog already open (more information)
  Fixed problem with "logs" filter where "unarchive" was selecting "archive" as well (more information)
  Fixed a problem with the centre macro command when using a named location (more information)
  Fixed crash caused by using BREAK command inside BeginCase/EndCase construct
  Fixed "typo" in TomTom file export (more information)
  Fixed saved filter problem when using filters that contain log selections (more information)
Includes the latest Beta 135 build of GPSBabel. This build of GPSBabel should address issues observed with the Garmin H series models (more information)

7.2.0  12th January, 2008 

General Changes
   Added automatic image retrieval for offline viewing of images "Database=>Grab images"
   Added "Symbol Name" support
   New Dialog for "GPSr Receive waypoints"
   "File=>Print" - Added support for custom html formats for the condensed print
   Added Google map to default split screen display
   Added "Waypoint=>Highlight"
   All log types are now supported in the log filter
   New totals and format for "Database=>Totals
   Added support for new "Maze Exhibit" cache type
   "Tools=>Options=>General" added "conversions" to the smart name.
   File=>Export=>TomTom, now supports custom bmp file for export with ov2 file.
   Better support for selection of child waypoints to export
   Changed GetMail to add the ability to download the Header and body of a message for further interrogation
   Added support for "silent" URI calls (see note 4 in that topic)
   Added  Google maps (with child waypoint support) as a native split screen format
   All dialogs now have the default font set to "Microsoft Sans Serif"
   Better method of loading "child waypoints" (more information)
   Log filter now supports a regular expression option for "logged by" matching
   "Tools=>Options=>Locations",  error checking - better handling of missing comma (
   "Database=>Child waypoints" - child waypoint add dialog now forces "add by user flag" to be set 
   Backup and restore now have options for "Grabbed images"
   Automatic backup (Tools=>Options=>General) now has option to also back up "Grabbed images"
   Added log type to the display "Waypoint=>Delete logs"
   Macro Manager now has a link to the new online Macro index (more information)
   "File=>Export=>HTML", you can now disable the automatic generation of the "cache" folder
    "File=>Export=>HTML", image links are now unique (more information)
   "Database=>Global Replace" - Added check box option to close Global replace dialog 
   Changed the way a row is "highlighted" when a row is already colored
   Added UserSort, SmartName, and LastGPXUpdate to the GSAK extensions when doing a GPX export (more information).
   Load summary available/unavailable links are now the offline page rather than the online page
   All URI file references in GSAK HTML have now been converted to use the standard file:/// (previously was only using 2 slashes as in file://)
   Child waypoint date now shows in split screen and other GSAK HTML formats (more information)  
   Added $d_cDate database variable
   Empty macros in the all macro button drop down list are now disabled (more information)
   "Waypoint=>Project coordinates" now respects your coordinate format settings
   Added "Archived" to list of available icon overrides 
   All HTML tags are now removed from "Place by" (more information)
   Adding a child waypoint defaults the code to a parking waypoint of the parent
  Changed background color for all coordinate boxes (more information)
  File=>Export=>HTML - added option for .htm or .html extension (more information)
  SQL "connect to" now only performed at macro initialization (more information)

Form Designer changes
   Added "Properties" dialog (click on any control to see and change the properties for that control). Most properties that are updated are shown on the form in "real time"
   Added Grid (with settings to display, change size, and "snap to")
   Added "Send to back" and "Bring to front"
   Added Copy, Cut, and Paste for form controls
   Added "get from file" and "exit and save to file" 
   Added "Undo" feature
   Controls can now be added via double mouse click
   You can now delete or swap the control "container"
   Re-write of the form generation code - it is now near instant even on form with a large number of controls

Form handling changes
   Error checking to prevent a macro from running while the forms designer is running.
   Added new Form() function
   Added new form control type CheckListBox
   Deprecated the use of $xxx variable to populate the Combobox "Values" (more information)
   Forms - added ExitOnChange property to Combobox control. See this property in the Form() function and the example in the EditForm() function
   Added image support to forms (see image control in the Form() function )

Macro language changes
   Added Boolean system variables $_ShiftKey and $_CtrlKey
   Added system variable $_pi (equals 3.14159265)
   Added command PreProcess
   Added Title= to the ShowStatus command so you can now update the title of that dialog.
   Macro file name no longer requires the full path (more information)
   Added section "GoogleMap" to HTML() function
   Changed RegexData() function so that using nNumber = 0 returns all matches.
   BACKUP command - added [<GrabbedImages=Yes|No>] 
   Added support for "Case" statements
   Macro error log (MacroError.txt) now contains all the Mac Keyword values for better identification of the macro
   Added array support
   Macro run "Lock down"
   Added function Round(nNumber, nDecimals) : number
   Added function Lower(sData) : string
   Added function DegToRad(nDegrees) : number
   Added function RadToDeg(nRadians) : number
   Added function Keep(sSource, sKeepData, sType) : string
   Added function Remove(sSource, sRemoveData, sType) : string
   Added function CacheType(sCacheLetter) : string
   Added function Form(sForm,sOptions) : string
   Added function: GetNear(sLatLon,sMeasurement,nNumber) : string
   Added function SqlToHtml(sSqlData, sHeading, sOptions) : string
   Added function Array(nArray,nIndex) : string
   Added command MacroDelete <Action=DelCurrent|DelScope|Commit>


The "Macro manager dialog" is now automatically closed if found open when running a macro via Ctrl-R from the GSAK macro editor
Fixed "freeze" in split screen when viewing Java applets (more information)
Support for %c_lat=x and %c_lon=x formatting (more information)
DbtoSql() function now automatically does a "Release table tablename" on completion (more information)
Fixed a "freeze" with offline HTML and certain mal formed HTML (more information)
Fixed split screen not updating when deleting last waypoint when only 2 waypoints in the database (more information)
Fixed Manual centre point error message behaviour (more information)
Fixed a problem with macro command "Goto Position=Bottom" and the active table is "logs" and using the "$d_lType" database variable
Fixed MacroFlag/UserFlag command not correctly obeying the SpeedMode status
"File=>Export=>GPX" fixed log limit issue (more information)
"File=>Export=>GPX" fixed display issue (more information)
Fixed Polygon filter problem after smart name recalc (more information)
Macro forms designer - Fixed a crash when using the down arrow key after selecting a group box
Macro EXPORT command fixed a "hang" after error message when file folder does not exist for generation of file (more information)
Fixed crash when using command PlayWav and no sound card is present
Fixed problem with MRU and "Save As..." in macro editor (more information)
Fixed issues with debug dialog when system DPI settings are greater than the default 96 (more information)
Fixed problem with trailing spaces when used with "in list" option for code filter (more information)
Fixed split screen not updating when switching from an empty database (more information
Fixed a problem with the "First to Find" flag not surviving the round trip from "File=>Export=>GPX" to "File=>Load GPX" 

7.1.2  3rd Nov, 2007

Better handling of member only caches for "Waypoint=>Status check"
Automatic backup now shows the date/time of your last backup
You can now configure the key combination for screen shots (Tools=>Options=>Keyboard shortcuts)
"Macro=>Run/Manage" - disabled run button when there are no macros listed
"Waypoint=>edit" - non standard container types are no longer "forced/converted" to standard ones
Better description of progress bar when loading multiple GPX files inside a zip file 
Reduced grid "flicker" on slower computers when split screen is active and cache row changes
Slight speed tweak in the macro preprocessor (probably only noticeable in the Findstats3 macro)
HttpEncode now also replaces ' (single apostrophe) with %27
Uninstalling macros now renames the macro file with a .gsb file extension (more information)
Added "Force full pop3 read" option to GetMail to work around a Google mail quirk (more information)
TomTom export now uses the MS-ANSI character set option (more information)
Tweak to coordinate grabber to better grab coordinates split over lines (more information)
Short and long description now recognize bbcode (more information)
GPX load option changed to read "Load GPX/LOC/ZIP File" to better acknowledge the support for zip files
Stopped forms "delay" property being active when designing a form
"File=>Print" now uses a more direct method of printing rather than by file action association (more information)
New zip component used for automatic and normal backup (more information)
Removed red highlight of Child waypoint PQs that had exactly 500 waypoints (more information)
"On the fly" detection and repair of a fatal type of database corruption (more information)
Fixed PageDown and PageUp problems with the macro manager dialog (more information)
Fixed a child waypoint bug when doing the export/load round trip [1]
Mac keywords are now correctly retrieved when tabs (chr 09) have been used in the macro comments section.
Fixed Difficulty and Terrain not showing in the "From" section of the change log (only happening when your decimal separator was a comma) 
Fixed an issue with some exports not recognizing "Mega Event" for icon allocation
Fixed "Soft Freeze" when using Resync with no macros installed
Fixed a problem with Macro file names containing a - (hyphen) not being uninstalled (more information)
Fixed "Enter Key" problem with the Arc/Poly filter coordinates box (more information)
Fixed database restore quirk when spaces are in the folder or file name (more information)
Fixed purge logs setting problem (more information)
Fixed an obscure start up crash message of "Message: 'N' is not a valid integer value" (more information)
Fixed duplicate views listed in dropdown box when using "Database=>New" (more information)
GSAK now generates a "Soft error" when exporting to a file that is already being used by another application (more information)
Fixed problem when trying to load 1 digit month/day dates. Example 2006-1-1 instead of 2006-01-01
Fixed a problem with the "ResyncLogs" macro command - evident when used in the Addlogs.gsk macro (more information)
Fixed date error in comment section of macro (more information)
Fixed problem of keyboard shortcuts not loading on start up if allocated to macros
Fixed problem of GPX export setting "Also apply to cache name" not being saved (more information)
Fixed a problem with "drag and drop" of single waypoints to the speed bar
Link to archived.gif now correct case (more information)
Fixed a problem with the allocation of icons symbols for "Mega event" and "Project APE" caches. (more information)
Fixed a problem with savefilter()/RestoreFilter() when used twice in a row with some special filters (more information)
Removed superfluous filter message when loading GPX files and the database has no records in it after the load (more information)

[1] This problem would arise if you exported a GPX file with child waypoints and selected the "Make symbols same as last gpsr send", then loaded this GPX file back into GSAK - the child waypoint type would be incorrectly set to the symbol rather than the corresponding type.

Note: This version Includes GPSBabel 1.3.4 For a complete list of changes from GPSBabel 1.3.3 to 1.3.4 please see

7.1.1  24th July, 2007

Added Macro function Eval()  
Added Macro ResyncLogs command 
Added DirectInput=Yes/No as an allowed property of the ComboBox control
Added new graphics for container size and difficulty and terrain
Added Align and Resize options to the forms designer
Easier method of moving and resizing controls in the forms designer
Speed enhancements to the generation of macro form code
Removed "Cancel" as a button property because it is not a valid button property
Force disk write of all tables when hard crash error thrown to try and minimize database corruption.
Implemented a more efficient method for "Waypoint=>Status check" - it should now be quicker and use less bandwidth.
cbxViews.Text now synchronized with database properties (more information)
Added new "MacUrl" keyword support for macros to enable quick navigation to corresponding forum thread (more information)
Focus is now always set to the main grid after finishing a macro (more information)
GSAK macro buttons now check for macro name with .txt or .gsk extension (more information)
Fixed counts not be calculated when using a filter by distance and then setting a different centre point (more information)
Fixed date validation when ENTER pressed in filter dialog (more information)
Fixed a problem when a cache is updated to found via the GUI, and the $d_FoundCount was not also being updated
Fixed a problem in data generated by DbToSQL when only one column and data is NULL
Fixed hard crash caused by using the DataSave command in a macro with no records in the database
Fixed change log showing the "from" difficulty and terrain as blank when your International settings has a , (comma) for the decimal separator.
Fixed URI support sorting problem when cache not found (more information)
Fixed arc/poly macro error that would prevent future macros from running 
Fixed problem with forms designer that would generate duplicate control names if your source control name included trailing spaces 
Fixed binary debug display when character 512 was a single CR 
Fixed keyboard "weirdness" with the run macro dialog (more information)
Fixed a bug when using DbToSQL() function with a filter active, and exporting child waypoints (more information)
Fixed a hard crash caused by using a matching part child waypoint variable name in a function, and then leaving off the $ prefix (more information)

Version history for V7.1.0 and older

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