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7.7.2  4th August, 2010


   Support for new GPSr Models:
      Garmin Oregon 450 
      Garmin GPSMAP 78sc
      Garmin GPSMAP 78s
      Garmin GPSMAP 78
      Garmin GPSMAP 62st
      Garmin GPSMAP 62s
      Garmin GPSMAP 62 
      Magellan eXplorist 510
      Magellan eXplorist 610
      Magellan eXplorist 710
   GSAK now asks you if you want to restart after a hard error crash rather than just *always* doing so
   Added option to have automatic notification of patches (more information)
   Introduction of support for direct updates to the database via SQlite (more information)
   Added Support for "Elevation" 
   Added GetCounty() and GetState() support for South Africa 
   Added GetState() support for the country of Malta (more information)
   "GPS=>Receive waypoints" now includes elevation if present 
   Added "Not Null" constraints to the Caches and CachesMemo tables (more information)
   Added option (display tab) to set the grid display suffix for elevation, or remove it
   Better support for Nuvi models that don't follow the standard folder structure (more information)
   Added warning when loading Groundspeak GPX 1.0 files with missing attributes (more information)
   Added cut/copy/paste right click menu to coordinates box in arc/poly filter. 
   Polygon drawing tool now center/zooms on bounds of current database (more information)
   Changed timeout value (from infinity) to 45 seconds for GetMail (more information)
   Changed GPX load progress title to only show file name (more information)
   Auto fix for invalid NULL (�) found in GPX files (more information)
   Added support for new Groundspeak attributes "Truck Driver/RV" and "Field Puzzle"
   Added support for new Groundspeak log type "Announcement"
   Status counts adjusted to better show totals > 99999
   GPS=>Receive waypoints - Support for Magellan eXplorist GC firmware upgrade 1.4 (newlogs.txt)
   GPX log alternate coordinates now formattted according to user settings (more information)
   Number of days used now preserved on upgrade (more information)
   Distance calculation now aligned to match Groundspeak (more information)
   Macro manager default focus is now the search box (more information)
   Distance and bearing now automatically recalculated if current center point location is changed (more information)
   New serial number and detection of serial number abuse (more information)
   Includes latest new release of GPSBabel 1.4.1
   Palm CacheMate export now includes latest release of CMConvert 1.9.6 to support cache attributes (more information)
   Added a new special tag %mtag - optimized to speed up exports (more information)
   System variable $_SQL is no longer escaped with single quotes when used in the where clause of Mfilter (more information)
   Speed optimization for macro command Goto Position=Next when a filter is set (more information)
   Added Local/Global scope to variables for the MACRO command 
   Added new system variable $_Units (fetches user's distance setting, K=Kilometers, M=Miles)
   Added Sqlite custom function g_GcDate() (more information)
   GPSInfo() now detects Delorme SD card (more information)
   Added elevation() macro function
   Added g_elevation() sqlite function
   Changed Vercheck to give you the option to open the download page for the required version (more information)
   Changed macro function Random() to align with help file (more information)
   Added macro version information to caption title of the macro error dialog box (more information)


   Fixed a problem with blank log times (more information)
   Fixed "Gridtemp already exists" error after using special tag %gpx (more information)
   File=>Export=>CSV now respects your decrypt/encrypt hint column status (more information)
   Fixed a problem with editing a grabbed child waypoint (more information)
   Fixed a problem with editing smart names (more information)
   Fixed "Alternate coordinates in log text" setting not being saved/restored (more information)
   Fixed a "Sqilte error 6 - database locked" error when using DataRestore command (more information)
   Fixed a problem with the SORT command (more information)
   Fixed a problem with the CacheMate export when folders contained the "&" symbol (more information)
   Fixed a problem with the "Reset search bar" option (did not correctly reset the new Mfilter box)
   Fixed a "sqlite error 1 near update" error (more information)
   Projection of a waypoint that creates a corrected coordinate now refreshes the split screen map (more information)
   Fixed a form designer problem (more information)
   Fixed broken "Waypoint=>Status check" (more information)
   Fixed restore not stripping out absolute path from GPSr macro (more information)
   Fixed a problem with smart name calculation when like named caches (like series) had 100 or more
   Fixed a problem with "Mfilter where=" when using regular expressions that used [] (square brackets)
   Fixed a crash when trying to copy file bb.db3 when user name has diacritic characters
   Fixed a locale display problem with load summary (more information)
   Fixed a problem when manually adding child waypoints to a parent waypoint that has a code longer than 15 characters (more information)
   Fixed crash caused by double mouse click on print/preview button (more information)
   Fixed SQL cursor problem with "User flags => Set for next nn" (more information)
   Fixed a problem with the MacHeader() function (more information)
   Fixed Rollback/commit problem on macro termination (more information)
   Fixed a problem with the display of counts on systems that use large fonts or non standard DPI settings
   GPS=>Receive - fixed a crash when the geocache_visits.txt does not exist (more information)
   Fixed a problem with sending a single waypoint to the GPS when using %macro= tag (more information)
   Fixed a crash caused by using the "import" option of Sqlite() when the current database is the open database
   Fixed an issue with "Waypoint=>Status check" (more information)
   Fixed an issue with "GPS=>Receive waypoints" for Garmin Oregon 550 (more information)
   Minor speed tweaks to Grid display rendering 
   Fixed an issue with macro command Display Status=ON (more information)
   Degrees now rounded to 1 decimal when changing $d_longitude or $d_latitude via a macro (more information)
   Fixed an issue with Garmin POI export when waypoint name contains @ (more information)
   Fixed a symbol problem for Nuvi models (more information)

7.7.1  12th May, 2010


   Column "Status" is now supported in "Waypoint=>Highlight" (more information)
   Added native GPS=>Send/Receive support the new eXplorist GC GPSr (more information)
   Added "Lost And Found Tour" attribute (more information)
   Added counties for Croatia and states for Poland 
   GSAK now has different icons for macro files, gpx/loc files, and the main program (more information)
   Load summary now also highlights PQs that are exactly 1000 (more information)
   Updated transparency for half star icons (more information)


   Fixed problem with loading GPX files where the code contained double quotes
   Fixed missing highlight conversion for IsEmpty() function (more information)
   Fixed error "SQLite Error 1 - no such column: AVAILABLE" (more information)
   Fixed a problem with grab coordinates (more information)
   Fixed a problem with loading GPX files from (more information)
   Smart name overrides now show in bold (more information)
   All Grid print column headings now reflect any custom "rename column heading" changes (more information)
   Fixed problem with sort order not being "sticky" after setting a center point (more information)
   File "FirstUsed.txt" now included in auto backup of settings (more information)
   Fixed a crash in the macro language caused by using the View command immediately after Goto command (more information)
   Fixed "Error test" message when exporting to Ozi Explorer format (more information)
   Fixed a problem with spell check learning file being created in wrong folder
   Fixed error "SQLite Error 1 - no such column: longitude", when running arc poly filter
   Fixed problem with included space when using "delimcvt" in Sqlite command (more information)
   Fixed problem with Dual screen not showing when started by a start up macro (more information)
   Fixed minor display problem with GPX load dialog (more information)
   Fixed a problem with macro system variable $_SortBy not being initialized to the correct value on program start up
   Fixed macro error (when using Filter command) "tChildSearch already exists" (more information)
   Fixed crash caused by deleting a single waypoint via Macro Delete command (more information)
   Preprocessor no longer automatically inserts a transaction if the "Macro" command is found
   Fixed a problem with "GPS=>Receive waypoints" where found waypoints not updating the found count.
   Fixed a problem with "Additional waypoints" (more information)
   Fixed a crash in the macro manager caused by searching for a " (double quote) (more information)
   Child waypoints grid should now *always* show the heading "Name" (more information)
   Fixed a problem with using bookmarks via the navigation bar (more information
   GSAK now commits any open transactions when macro EXIT command is used (more information)
   GSAK now throws a soft macro error (instead of hard crash) when a macro tries to update a database variable and there are no records in the database (more information)
   Fixed a crash when using smart names for notes import (more information)
   Fixed a problem with automatic transactions and the preprocessor (more information)
   Tweak to "Waypoint=>Highlight" conversions to address some situations that result in invalid SQL syntax. 
   Double mouse click on found check box now brings up edit dialog to change found date (more information)
   Fixed a problem with function DbToSqlite (more information)
   Removed a superfluous " (double quote) in GSAK Generated HTML (more information)
   Fixed a problem with SQL wait cursor remaining on when it shouldn't (more information)
   Fixed a problem with status colors after backup restore (more information)
   Fixed a crash when using "Map nearest" split screen format (more information)
   Fixed a problem with Grab coordinates not remaining on same record after grab (more information)
   Fixed a problem with name/code search when using copy/paste (more information)
   "Unarchive" icon now correctly shows in logs (more information)
   Fixed a sleeping bug (existed in V7.6 and earlier) when converting OS grid coordinates when entered for corrected coordinates the second time.
   Fixed a problem with restorefilter() when used with Mfilter filters the second time round (more information)
   Fixed a problem with cancel filter button (more information)
   Fixed a problem with command SETCOLOR when using "clear" (more information)
   Fixed a minor display issue with scroll bar after sorting in the grid (more information)
   Fixed an obscure intermittent problem with command VerCheck (more information)
   Fixed crash "SQLite Error 1 - wrong number of arguments to function g_distance()" when opening old databases (more information)
   Fixed a problem with system variable $_Where (more information)
   Fixed a cursor positioning problem when changing databases (more information)
   Fixed user notes printing problem (more information)
   Fixed LastUserUpdate problem when changing status (more information)
   Fixed a "freeze" problem with GPS=>Send/Receive (more information)
   Fixed a problem with deleting then creating the "Default" database (more information)
   Fixed split screen display problem when using status check and a filter (more information)

7.7.0  21st March, 2010


   GSAK now fully converted to use SQLite as the underlying database engine (more information)
   Added Filter, HTML, and macro support for "cache attributes"
   Added new grid display columns "Row Number", "Hints", and "Url"
   Added ability to rename column headings
   Added Mfilter (Where) to search bar
   Added option to "Tools=>Options=>Display" to suppress tool tips 
   Added available tool buttons for GSAK folder finder, and Polygon drawing tool
   Added option to GPX export to include alternate Latitude and Longitude in log text
   "Waypoint=>Project", added option to create/update corrected coordinates
   Macro manager - added right mouse click menu option "Resync this macro"
   Added support for signal the frog smileys (more information)
   Added Title= to all GSAK static html images so tips (when you hover your mouse over the image) should now show in Firefox browser
   Added "attributes" to Database=>Totals
   Added option to compact the database from Database=>Totals
   Added % space unused to Database=>Totals
   "File=>Export=>GPX" now removes invalid XML characters before output
   Child flags are now save/restored on loading of GPX files (more information)
   Added GUI multi column sorting  (more information)
   User Sort can now accept up to 18 digits
   Changed "Load CacheMate logs and finds" to update user sort with YYYYMMDDHHMMSS
   Added HTML entity decode option to GPX load (more information)
   Added support for bbcode color "white"
   Updated internal version of Sqlite to 3.6.21

Macro language

   Updated help file now includes a category summary for all commands and functions
   Added new option J (set macro flag) and K (set filter) to function GetPolygon()
   Mfilter now supports new Where= parameter (expression= is now deprecated)
   Added function SqlGet()
   Added function MacHeader()
   Added command SqlNext
   Added command SqlSort
   Added command SqlGetClose
   Added system variable $_Where
   Added system variable $_OrderBy
   Added system variable $_SqlGrid
   Added system variable $_SqlEol
   Added new caches table variable $d_Status
   Added ssFormats to function sysinfo()

7.6.2 22nd November, 2009


   Added support for Delorme Earthmate GPSr  
   Complete rewrite of the post code center point option (more information
   Added support (limited) for cache attributes (more information)
   "Center point=>Show current on MapQuest" now changed to "Show current on GoogleMaps"
   Added Support for receive waypoints for Garmin Colorado 550/550t (more information)
   Changed "Gps=>Receive waypoints" to default to %smart for matching (more information)
   Added new GSAK_Catalonia named group for GetPolygon() (more information
   "Database=>Recalculate smart names" now clears out all smart names if smart names are disabled via "Database=>Properties" (more information)
   Macro error now generated if you try to update smart names when disabled (more information)
   "Waypoint=>edit" prevents update of smart names if smart names are disabled (more information)
   Removed trailing spaces from log owner name (more information)
   Added retries to save of gsak.ini to avoid "unable to write" errors (more information)
   "Found It" logs now identified for calculation of "Found by me data" (more information)
   Name of cache now shows in log summary when loading LOC files (more information)
   "File=>Export GPX" added <gsak:Code> element to the GSAK extension schema (more information)
   Tweak to remove trailing spaces in values for saved filters (more information)
   Added support for coordinate data entry for Benchmark surveying documents
   GSAK Generated HTML now support HTML entities in Groundspeak log text (more information)
   Geocaching Australia caches are now updated with the "ID" for each cache (more information)
   Unfound count (total in status bar at bottom right) now correctly displays totals over 99999 (yes, some users do have that many unfound caches in their database!)
   Source type for www.opengeoaching is now "OC" (more information)
   Added missing support for Values= variable for the checklist box on forms. 
   Added StopSartupMacro=Y|N to macro command DATABASE (more information)


   "GPS=>Send" - Fixed "Dakota" comments not showing for waypoints (more information)
   "GPS=>Send" - Fixed "Dakota" screen layout problem (more information)
   "GPS=>Receive" - Fixed a problem with %smart not matching correctly (more information)
   Fixed a crash caused using LOAD macro command (when using Lock= and database is empty)
   Fixed Found count not updating when filter set and found logs are deleted (more information)
   Fixed a name search problem (more information)
   Fixed problem with "Rest search bar" (right click menu on search bar) not working
   Unarchived log now has correct icon (more information)
   Fixed a problem when deleting a single waypoint when filter is set with just one waypoint (more information)
   Fixed a font issue in the forms designer (more information)
   Fixed a possible "hard macro crash" (more information)
   Fixed a problem with the "static.db3" database for Windows Vista/7 (more information)
   Fixed a "hard crash" when using the macro FileErase command and file is locked (more information)
   Fixed a "name search" issue when the last character of the search contained a space (more information)
   Fixed filter problem when using split screen with custom format (more information)
   Fixed a crash when deleting the last waypoint in the grid (more information )
   Fixed User notes problem (more information)
   Fixed a crash in send to GPS immediately after saving settings in MapSource (more information)
    Fixed a problem with using /run on the command line to start GSAK (more information)
   Fixed a bug in "Clear all child flags before setting filter" in child tab of filter (it wasn't clearing the child flags as it should)
   Fixed problem of split screen not updating after Global replace
   Fixed a problem with drag and drop of a single waypoint to MapSource (more information)
   Fixed a problem with incorrect count in HTML summary when using FROM and TO via a macro (more information)
   Fixed a crash when trying to sort on the URL column when in the macro manager (more information)
   Fixed a problem with matching subject line in GetMail (more information)
   Fixed an issue with HTML format "Log summary" and GSAK notes (more information)

7.6.1 20th August, 2009


   Sqlite() - action "sql" now automatically opens your current live database if you haven't used the "open" action to open a database
   Sqlite() - action "import" now uses "replace" instead of "insert" under the covers, to cater for updating tables that have unique keys.
   Suppress OK message when running grab images in a macro (more information)
   Better support for running multiple installs of version 7.6 and higher (more information)
   Added Colorado 550/550t models to "GPS=>Setup" (more information)
   New version of Ireland counties that include more of the coast (extended out to the sea) in the boundaries (thanks Hulmglum)
   Added option Active=Yes|No to the "create" action of the Sqlite() function (more information)
   Loading of Cachemate (Palm version) GPX files now support DNFs (more information)
   "Waypoint=>Status check" now caters for retracted cache listings (more information)
   GSAK Folder Finder tool now works correctly with multiple GSAK install locations for the same version of GSAK
   Added "Silent" property to Browser form control (more information)
   Added France and Italy support for GetCounty(), GetState(), and GPX Load (more information)
   Added extra symbols for "File=>Export=>Delorme Topo USA" to support version 8 of Topo USA (more information)
   When changing the Application Data folder, GSAK now asks you if you want to create the folder if it doesn't already exist (rather than throw an error)
   Added Garmin Dakota models to "GPS=>Setup"
   Changed Czech Republic and Slovakia state names to match Groundspeak (more information)
   Added support for Ireland to GetState()
   Fixed grid refresh with filter when deleting logs which affect found count (more information)


   Fixed a problem with the "PDA friendly" HTML export that caused a message box to show when it shouldn't (more information)
   Fixed a problem with Backup to drives with insufficient space (more information)
   Fixed a "too smart" smart name problem (more information)
   Fixed a problem with custom date formats and filters (more information)
   Fixed lockup in Macro parser when leaving off ending parenthesis for some functions (more information)
   Fixed a crash when doing certain steps in a delete (more information)
   Fixed display issues when deleting a filter of waypoints (more information)
   Fixed problem with UK post code center point search (more information)
   Fixed a problem with "Database=>Move/copy" and merge logs/waypoints (more information)
   Fixed a problem with the option "preserve last 4 logs" when purging logs (more information)
   Fixed an out "out of memory" error when loading large GPX files on systems with moderate physical ram
   Fixed a problem with copy/move where number of logs column not correctly synchronized (only a problem when using the "merge" option)
   "File=>Export GPX" - LOC file generation now hides all the options that are not applicable (more information)
   "File=>Export GPX" - Removed spurious "chkWaypoints" check box (more information)
   Command "DualScreen Display=Off" now working correctly (more information)
   Fixed problem when trying to load another GPX file while load dialog already active (more information)
   Fixed a "can't write to gsak.ini" on start up on some systems.
   Fixed a database restore problem with databases that have start up macros (more information)
   Fixed a problem with GetCounty() for German county Saalekreis

7.6.0 23rd June, 2009

General changes

   GSAK now compliant with install to [Program Files] (more information)
   Added "Folder Finder" tool
   "Tools=>Options=>Display" - column names are now sorted alphabetically
   "Database=>Purge logs" - added "Preserve Last4 logs column and last found date"
   "Database=>Move/copy" now supports option to add waypoints to "ignore list" when moving.
   "Database=>Move/copy" now supports merging of logs and child waypoints.
   All coordinate input now support a , (comma) as the decimal separator (regardless of your current International settings)
   Colorado/Oregon, added send option to choose between Geocaches (default) and Waypoints
   GPX Load - added "Keep current cache focus"
   GPX Load - added ability to lock individual database fields
   Waypoint=>Delete - Added option "Prevent locked waypoints being deleted"
   GSAK date format can now be set independently of the system date format (Tools=>Options=>General)
   Default font for User notes changed to a mono spaced font (courier new)
   Added ability to change the User notes and log notes font
   Waypoint=>Project - added option to update the current waypoint coordinates
   Added special tag %status
   "Center Point=>Enter manually" - added check box to also add to locations list
   Load summary now shows all NEW caches added
   Added button on child waypoint dialog to enable setting your current center point
   CacheMate import interrogates and updates DNF's
   Owner id filter now supports multiple ids (Search=>Filter=>Other)
   Pda friendly option for HTML export now splits grabbed images into sub folders (300 images per folder)
   Save/Restore dialog file paths are now preserved when doing a Restore (more information)
   Macro icon files now look in the "UserImages" folder if the file is not fully qualified with an absolute path
   Added tool button for "grab images"
   Memory map icon file "Memory.txt" now supports relative file names (more information)

Macro Specific changes

   New "Forms Inspector" control to replace the problematic old one (more information)
   Forms image control now supports the "SpellCheck" property
   CheckBox control - added properties Caption, CaptionPosition, Font, FontSize, FontStyle, FontColor
   RadioButton control - added properties Caption, CaptionPosition, Font, FontSize, FontStyle, FontColor
   Added GrabImages command 
   Added Sqlite function g_FoundLog()
   CopyFile command now supports * wild cards
   INCLUDE macro command now supports relative path
   Function RemoveVar() now supports wild cards
   Added function UserSort() to get/set user sort config values in the macro language
   Added function SlashAdd() to ensure only one slash is added to a folder path (more information)
   Added function PostUrl() to submit post data via a URL
   Added system variable $_DualScreen
   Added system variable $_CrLf
   Added macro function ValidDate()
   Added option to edit macro from install dialog 

7.5.3  (not officially released)

   Fixed problem with center point from post code when used in HTML export (more information)
   Fixed problem with missing progress count when loading multiple zip files (more information)
   Fixed problem of vanishing state/county data (populated by GetPolygon()) after repair/defrag (more information)
   Colorado/Oregon GPS send now forces GPX version 1.0 for the generated file (more information)
   Macro buttons now support passing parameters (more information)
   Any change made directly in the grid, now updates the backup flag (more information)
   Fixed problem with macro system variable $_Today (more information)
   Fixed problem with special tag %UserNote (more information)
   Added User Data 3 and User Data 4 to HTML formats
   Waypoint=>Add/edit" - fixed problem of User Data 4 not changing heading to "red" color when data contents is changed
   Fixed a problem with comment special tags in Memory Map export (more information)
   Fixed a problem with the CheckListBox control that can cause a crash on Windows Vista (more information)
   Fixed a crash caused by loading a GPX file while the load summary from the previous load is still showing.
   Fixed a "freeze" caused by running global replace on a filter set by using polygon/arc (more information)
   Fixed a problem with attaching/detaching databases with SQLite() after a macro error.
   Fixed a syntax error in SQLite() when using an expression that contains a GSAK function to build the sql string. 
   Added "Retract Listing" log icon (more information)
   Fixed transaction problem cause by GetPolygon() function (more information)
   After debug send, split screen only shows if already activated (more information)
   Last GPX date now updated if waypoint is locked (more information)
   Corrected Sweden Getcounty() spelling for Oxelösund
   Fixed macro "speed mode off" crash (more information)
   Slight tweak to "Grab coordinates" (more information)


Version history for V7.5.2 and older

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